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Power of World Future. Where power belongs to the People. Freedom. Play & Earn Together.

Get rewarded for powering the decentralized network of the future by turning your smartphone into a node

Babbu Dreampaper

Babbu Dreampaper

Origin of Babbu City

Andre Cronje, founder of (YFI), emphasized the concept of GameFi in early September 2020. He shared his views on Twitter that “Gamification applied to monetary policies excites me so much. Your funds are becoming gear to use in this defi game. Till now we have been cloning tradfi, going forward we go into gamefi.” Jesse Walden, former partner of A16Z, also shows a deep understanding of the blockchain field. He proposes that cryptocurrency technology is opening up a completely different path and this leads to a larger prospect — the next generation of Internet platforms that will allow users to directly build, operate and own.
This is what we want to achieve. All game content is created by users. Not only do you own the game content and experiences you create, but more importantly, you are also one of the owners of the game platform!
BabbuCity is aiming to be the world’s largest blockchain gaming NFT metaverse. This is a platform that belongs to everyone.

GameFi: Play to Earn

In our vision, the Babbu super universe will include a multitude of sub-game universes. These microcosms will be built by the collective strength of community users. Users in Babbu’s community will participate in a new economic model called “Play for Money”. You will be able to start a business and find work in this virtual economy. A circular economy is taking shape here. Resources collected by some players will be sold or purchased by other players or creators. According to the economic model of “Play for Money”, “play” can become work and by-product.

Value Capture of NFT & DeFi through GameFi

DEGO NFT is an exciting exploration for GameFi, the financial game, that gives us quite a bit of inspiration.
We hope to design a GameFi system where the gaming NFT value will be more clearly reflected. In the meantime, NFT can be combined with gaming in a fun way.
In GameFi system designs, we use gaming NFTs (such as characters, devices, pets, etc.) as “miners”. Different mining machines (gaming NFTs) are designed with different “computing power”. “Computing power” will play a huge role in token launch and mining. Since “computing power” is closely related to the output of gaming social tokens, it means that one unit of “computing power” has one unit of output. When social tokens are priced on the secondary market, computing power will also be assigned a value. NFT gaming also fulfills its value capture.

Launch of NFT’s Genesis

We launched the first release and airdrop of Genesis NFT. Through the Genesis NFT airdrop, we hope to further expand our Babbu community. With the launch of Genesis NFT, Genesis Mining of NFT Farming Pool will also be launched. Currently, NFT Farming Pool holds more than $3,500,000 $BABBU.
Connect everything Empower anyone


Babbu is a decentralized network made up of millions of smartphones. By downloading the app, you become a “node”, participating in the network and earning rewards in return. The more people join, the more powerful the network becomes.

Become a Node

Every smartphone is a “node” just waiting to get to work. Smartphones become nodes by locating and connecting devices within the network. The nodes receive rewards based on connectivity and availability, which varies by location.

Earn Rewards

Babbu’s connect-to-earn app rewards you with BABBU tokens – Babbu’s native cryptocurrency – for connecting and powering the network with your smartphone.


The vision for the Babbu City Network is to build a decentralized data network providing connectivity and processing of micro-payments for the Internet of Things (“IoT”). The Babbu City Network begins by providing delay-tolerant IoT connectivity and other services on top of the underlying infrastructure, and the Babbu City Networking stack. Secure IoT is of the utmost importance moving forward. Babbu City is actively engaged with chipset manufacturers to build secure elements within IoT devices, enabling cryptographic signing of payment transactions and secure transmission of data on the Babbu City Network. Babbu City envisions a world where machines autonomously transact with each other, sharing connectivity, data, and services. Through distributed connectivity and utilizing existing infrastructure, we believe data costs and barriers to entry for connectivity can be reduced. We believe the Babbu City Network is the first step in connecting billions of devices.


The Babbu City Network is composed of different elements interacting together in order to connect IoT devices to the cloud while generating BABBU rewards for every participant in the process.

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